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We are often asked to provide ideas for specific projects or events. Part of our role as distributors is to provide consulting services to our customers. The service is free, and we will go out of our way to find a suitable solution for you. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your business. It only takes a phone call.

Resort Community Appreciates Volunteers

The Situation
This customer is a long established summer resort community that also has year ‘round residents. They rely on volunteers to put on events throughout the year, and annually recognize the volunteers with a gift. 

The Requirements
The customer had in mind a pair of beer glasses packaged in a gift box. Cost was a factor and had to be under $20.00. They wanted tall pilsner glasses with packaging other than the usual black or white box. A look of quality was important.

The Solution
As we searched for the product and packaging we were challenged to find a gift box tall enough to accommodate the over sized glasses. At the same time, the cost was well over the budgeted amount. We discovered the solution at an industry product show. The Adn’Art DP827DE 20 oz Pilsner glass, packed in sets of 2 in a unique kraft box was the answer. The box featured a cut-out window on the front which allowed the deep sand etched logo on the glasses to show through.  The customer was thrilled with the samples shown and increased the order from the original quantity.

The End Result
The glasses arrived well in advance of planned event. The customer was delighted with the product and packaging. And, the price per unit was lower than the budgeted amount.

Resort Enjoys a Banner Year

The Situation
This customer had ordered several banners from a competitor. After only a few weeks in the outdoors several of the banners were shredded by the wind. The customer wanted something that would last longer.

The Requirements
The banners would be located outdoors in a very windy location and would be exposed year round to intense sunshine and frequent rain. They would have to resist fading due to the UV from the sun, and tearing caused by the wind.

The Solution
We supplied banners digitally printed on heavy-weight vinyl. The edges were double taped. Extra grommets were provided so that the banners would have improved support on the banner holders. Wind slits were cut into the banners to allow airflow without tearing.  The banners were much costlier than the originals, but the value was reflected in the end result.

The End Result
The customer was very satisfied with the banners as delivered. After more than two years the banners remain in use, resulting in excellent value for the money spent.

Stone Supplier Mugs Customers 

The Situation
This customer was relatively new in the decorative stone industry. They were seeking a promotional product that would represent the company's values and uniqueness. 

The Requirements
The promotional product had to be of high quality, durable, and of a truly unique design. They wanted something that would be highly visible to their customers on a daily basis. While cost was important, the customer was willing to pay a premium for a superior product. The product was required within 3 weeks. 

The Solution
When the customer approached us, they were already focused on insulated travel coffee mugs. The Starline SL14BC & SL15BC mugs were the perfect solution. The mugs have a very unique design and the client's logo, printed in white, stands out against the black chrome finish. Starline's efficient and prompt service ensured on-time, on-budget delivery. 

The End Result
The mugs arrived two days before the required date. Our customer was thrilled with the product. 

Steps-out Program Reward

The Situation
The town's recreation department was introducing the Steps-Out program to the community. They were seeking an incentive that could be used as a "graduated" reward as participants achieved 2 different levels of hiking.

The Requirements
The product had to be "Cool", and at the same time it needed to be relevant to the hiking program. The combined cost of the two components had to be under $10.00.

The Solution
The Impressive Impressions IL-20PC polycarbonate drink bottle and Debco N1500 bottle carrier were the ideal solution. The bottle's design and bright yellow color suited the client's taste. The carrier would hold the bottle well, and at the same time had a small zipped pouch for keys and change. The Steps-out logo was imprinted on each. When the participant achieved a certain number of steps they would receive the drink bottle, and when they reached the next level, they would receive the bottle carrier.

The End Result
The bottles and carriers were delivered on time and below budget. The customer was delighted, and recommended the product and our service to other towns.

Community Phone Directory project

The Situation
The customer is a Chamber of Commerce and is located in a community of 10,000 people and approximately 300 businesses. Many of the businesses are home-based and most are quite small. For well over a decade, the client has published a local telephone directory, featuring local white pages listings and local advertisers. The directory has a very high rate of usage in the community and is a powerful advertising tool for the businesses. The project is also a fund raiser for the chamber, which has limited personnel resources, therefore is unable to undertake the project themselves.

The Requirements
The vendor was required to manage all aspects of the project, including advertising sales, collection of all content, such as telephone listings, design, layout, printing and distribution. At the same time, the cost of the project must allow sufficient profit for the chamber to support their own operations.

The Solution
Profile Marketing Inc. proposed to manage the project from start to finish. All potential advertisers would be contacted and ads created for them. New white pages data would be purchased, and updated to reflect the local businesses and residents. All layout and design would be undertaken by Profile Marketing, then after approval of the final proof, Profile Marketing would print the book and deliver it to Canada Post for distribution. Profile Marketing would also look after billing and collections.

The End Result
The directory was published well below the chamber's previous costs. Over the period of the contracts (seven years), several upgrades were done to the book, including improved printing quality, added colour, updated map and more current white pages data. An increase in advertisers and ad sizes resulted in a 65% increase in revenues over the seven year period. The customer was pleased with the end result and renewed the contract twice over the seven year period.

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